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Advanced Con System - Guide

For "Advanced" Con Settings
By: Leonai_art

The con system within EverQuest II can often times be incredibly confusing, with 2 different types of con levels for every color, arrows to indicate less or more powerful mobs, and more, it's no wonder that many people have a difficult time understanding it at first.

Well, I'm here to help clear some of the fog.

Con Colors

The basic colors for EverQuest 2 are similar to the original EverQuest, but not exactly the same.

These colors are used for not only your identification of what level a mob is, but also for the difficulty of quests, artisan crafting, as well as items in your inventory.

Example 1Example 2

Notice the Item Title words

Notice the color of the Quest words

Hunting - Identification of Con

When adventuring, there is even more to think of. The mobs are not just classified by colors, they have arrows pointing up or down to indicate an increase or decrease from the standard difficulty per color, and there are also 2 different con levels, Solo and Group.
Solo Mobs

One of the unique features that you'll find in EverQuest II is that they actually have specific types of mobs, ones that are meant for a group to handle, and ones for just 1 or 2 people.

The term "solo" indicates that 1 or 2 people should be able to handle the mob fairly easily, as long as it is within color range. This can be where things can get fairly confusing. The term solo is used as a reference for you as a player, but it does not necessarily mean that the mob that you are going after does not have a friend or a group of friends with him. It only means that you should be able to handle the mob within reason, based on the con's color.

Group Mobs

The term "group" indicates that you should generaly have 4 or more people going against whatever mob it is that you are hunting. This mob could be by itself, or standing with a group of similar creatures. Though it is done at times, it is usually not recommended to go and hunt even a single one of these mobs by yourself.

The con colors for these mobs are based on 2 different difficulty levels. A group mob will show a dark blue color and you will have the same difficulty killing the mob if you were in a group that is all the same level as you would have soloing a dark blue solo mob.

Confusing, isn't it?

Arrows Up... Arrows Down...

Now that you know the different difficulty levels of the colors as well as the mob types, we're going to throw an extra bit of spice to make your gaming... oh... so very much more nice.

The little arrows that you see pointing up are not there for decoration. These arrows mean that not only is this mob a goup yellow difficulty mob, but it's also just a little bit tougher than the average group yellow mob!

The amount of arrows will indicate just how much harder or easier. 1, 2, 3... keep counting. Each arrow means it's just that much harder or easier to kill.

KOS - Kill On Sight

This last part, most figure out on their own. The red really does give it away.

There is faction in this game, and if you're not liked... oh... you'll know it. You'll be seeing red. No, really... you litterally will!

If a mob sees you, and you are not one of their buddies, it's going to go after you, but you'll have warning if you're paying attention. You will see red around the name of the creature. The con is still the same though:

Note: Grey KOS usually do not attack unless provoked.

If you have any comments, find any discrepancies or would like to add to this guide, please send an email to: Leonai_art@lqgaming.com

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